Notin is a note-taking app. The user can easily save notes and set reminders with the help of this app. It reminds its users the things they have listed to do. It also takes care of any important number that a person does not prefer saving on their mobile device in the form of notifications.

The reminder of this app does not make sounds or keeps popping up it simply settles down in a place and still efficiently does its work. Some specific features of this app are as follows

  • It saves every requirement very quickly
  • It keeps reminding its user about the saved reminder constantly
  • The app is beautifully designed
  • Its interface is easy to use
  • It does not contain any complex or not so important features.

The user just needs to click on the text field that appears like a pop-up message. There a user can hit the plus sign button to set the reminder and it instantly appears in the form of notification.  After completion one just needs to swipe to come out of the app. It is that simple.

The main benefit is that the reminder gets stuck on the home screen of the mobile device and does not go away until dismissed. Thus provides users a constant reminder. As there is no note taking app on smartphones nowadays Norton can easily hold the market with its own group of users.

Majority of apps requires a user to pass the process of launching the note app followed by adding the note and then after completion physically deleting it. Therefore users can see this app has a different approach to the same process. People with loaded work schedule, responsibilities and daily activities tend to forget tasks or events. Notin helps them with this problem.

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