It is possible that as newer forms of technology are introduced into society a more innovative approach to using them are arrived at.  Often the originators of the very idea would not have imagined that such uses are possible and it is often people that have remote connections to the technology that get to make use of the products to the full. 

The simple application of streaming movies that gets over restrictions in society

Cultural restrictions: It must be understood that the particular society that we are a part of has a set of rules that need not be the same as another part of the world.  Things like the World Wide Web came about in societies that valued freedom of expression and the freedom to choose a form of belief.  There are a lot of repressive ideologies that tend to dominate the functioning of societies at different parts of the world that are not so liberal in thinking as well as in allowing the peoples to function as well. 

Streaming in 123movies has to a large extent made possible the need for a more open society and a more tolerant one.  Physical restrictions do not have much role in the online medium that can function with the least interference despite the best efforts to controlling them.  Thus ideas and thoughts can be expressed and propagated with hardly a restriction possible to their use.  This could be considered to be the greatest take away from the development of this new technology that makes possible streaming of movies online.

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Physical restrictions: As has been noticed in history the dominant powers did continue a position of authority by restrictions that placed most of the societies under them in some form of control.  It is necessary to put controls to enable a smooth functioning of systems and often there needs to be a common meeting ground for these.  But there are occasions when the restrictions are meant to produce conditions that are advantageous to some people over the rest of the society, and that is a very undesirable situation given that all members of a society must be considered as equal. 

It is possible to stream in movies online to places behind the most repressive of situations that brings about a better realization of ideas and thoughts.  It could as has been seen in the past give rise to situations where the dominant forces were questioned by a set of people that were kept in isolation and without recourse to an alternate thinking. 

The need for an alternate outlook

It is important that a certain order to society is achieved and when the entire power set up is so structured so as to derive benefit to only those at the very top and often denying the very basic of rights to the lower strata is when alternative ways of thinking needs to be developed. There is never denying the power of an idea and particularly one that is capable of getting people to think differently to what was the practice earlier. 

No doubt, there is great power in pictures and videos.  This ability of the visual medium to inspire and move people to act differently has been well documented in the past and get to be more significant going into the future.  Thus effective tools like data streaming that could be used to good effect by those trying to bring about real change in society and people must be stressed at all times.  And this is a factor that is being increasingly being realized in different societies right across the world. 

Where would have the modern revolutions been without the active support that the different groups gave each other using effectively the power of streaming movies or videos to be more exact.  This inability to exercise a control over free flow of though and ideas would be further accentuated as time passes and the flow of idea would have little by way of an impediment. 

More than the pace of change it is the means of change that could not be controlled that made the changes possible and permanent as well. The future seems more dramatic with even more free flow of information and the role of means of streaming in data would get to be more significant too. 

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