It is a well know fact that all those that get to be on the World Wide Web are not with the most honorable of intentions.  The web in many ways is quite like the Wild West of the yesterdays that did not have much control on society and it was more a personal affair to keep oneself protected and away from harm’s way.  This could be how best to describe the need to be ever vigilant at all times when being online. 

The possibilities of bad practices in using online streaming movie sites

It is best to use the better known sites that deliver streaming movies than the less well known ones.  There is the possibilities that the less known sites can spread infections into the system and this could be inadvertent most of the time.  It is just that the folks operating the sites would rarely have complete control over the whole system. 

It is an observed phenomenon that the paid sites normally are committed to providing a minimum level of service at any time and they are also the ones that take sufficient troubles to keep the files as infection free as is possible.  The needs to attract paying customers and to retain those that have been using a system make them provide as best a quality of service as possible. 

The importance of size on the internet

The traditional economists insist that a particular business need to attain a minimum size to function economically holds good in the case of the internet companies too.  Thus it is best to use the services of an operator of sufficient size, even if it is for streaming in movies.  There simply cannot be displacing the need to have scales of economy no matter what the gurus in the field say.  The final reckoning that finances do matter no matter the model adopted is what should drive any business even on the internet.

The past failures so dramatically demonstrated by the dot com busts and similar happenings only go on to reinforce the need to adopt a robust economic model to help succeed in even operations based completely on the internet.

The importance of paid subscriptions

It must be stressed that operations that are paid in offering their services to need to provide a certain level of service no matter what. Thus they would happen to be more customers focused than those folks that permit a free viewing of movies.  It is true that even the so called free sites do rake in sufficient revenue as advertisements on their platforms but it simply is no substitute for bringing in a commitment towards the paying customer. 

That the customer is king is important to retaining a customer or else it would end up being more attentive to other aspects of the operations and with the free streaming movies sites they would tend to be hijacked by the advertisers that get to use the medium than the viewing public. 

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