Discord has been designed for gamers and is the only cross-platform app for voice and text chat. This app provides the facility to chat with team members or stay connected with discord voice or text chat channels. It is perfect for fining out which friend is playing a game online or catching up with text conversation one might have missed out.

Downloading Discord to experience modern chat game

It provides the facility of voice chat: Users can join voice channels and chat with their preferred group.

It does real-time messaging: It has a rich chat that helps in sharing images, video, and text

Provides push notifications: Never miss anything with Discord as they has the facility of direct messages

Invite Instantly: friends can be added very easily to a voice server by simply sharing the link of instant invite

It does direct messages: Do one-to-one private messaging with discord app

It provides multiple server support: game chat groups can be easily managed by a user. It possesses organisable channels: Its discussions on a particular topic are based on structured communication. Discord is a completely free app as results a user can create make as many servers as they want without dividing any slot limitations. In the near future there will be cosmetics like sticker packs, themes, and sound packs available in market for sell but the core functionality of discord will never be charged. It has server which is encrypted so that communication with a client never exposes the address of the IP and keeps the IP address secure. Discord’s video chat does not affect the game or slow it down. Discord has no or minimal adverse effect on the CPU. The performance of the game is never disturbed at any point.

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